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When I first joined AVON I was aware of the amazing work they did raising money for Breast Cancer. It was this that helped me make my decision in deciding on which Direct Sales company to become a rep for.

I loved that AVON also sold the Breast Cancer Crusade items that us reps can sell in Shopping centres. I have purchased a range of these items and will be holding little stalls myself at vairous locations, which I will post on my AVON page on Facebook.

In addition to that, I really wanted to help raise money for the SIDS Foundation. The thought of a parent losing a child this way just breaks my heart.

It is for this reason I created the Corporate Club.

The way the Corporate Club works is, I send a Brochure to a business that is part of the club and the receptionist shows the book to her colleagues.

If 5 or more orders are placed in each campaign from people in that office, then the receptionist gets a little "sampler bag" of AVON goodies for being a good sport in showing the book around and collecting the money from her colleaugues who ordered.

PLUS, I then donate 5% of the total order (not my total profit) to the SIDS foundation!

I keep a tally of which Corporate Club business is ordering the most, therefore is donating the most money and at the end of the year, the company with the highest donation tally wins a major prize (yet to be determined)

I figured there are people out there who LOVE Avon and will buy products anyway (and what better way than at work) and they also get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that their purchases are being used for good and not evil!

Tell me, do the beauty products you buy from the supermarket offer this kind of good karma???

Please fill in the form below to join this free club!

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