Sunday, October 17, 2010

Product Review - LOTUS SHIELD

Welcome to a revolution in frizz free hair products.

Advance Techniques Lotus Shield shares it's name with the Lotus Flower because of the properties in it! I have hair that you can almost hear puff up as soon as humidity hits. Now I am an advocate for this amazing product.

You simply wash your hair as normal, towel dry and apply a small amount and rub through hair. Style as usual.

This stuff is claimed to last through 3 washes but I find I only get 1 wash as I use a pretty strong shampoo and conditioner (and usually wash twice)

Other than that it does EXACTLY what it claims to!

Not only that, but it smells gorgeous (always a bonus) and I get people all the time telling me how lovely my hair smells...

The bottle has (so far) lasted me over 3 months and I still have a ways to go before I have to get another.

What more could you want for $12.99?

If you'd like to try some advance techniques lotus shield, please contact me and I will organise a sample to get to you! You can also buy it direct from my website at:

Love Mishelle xox


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