Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Picks for Campaign 13, 2011

Hi all,

I have added a new aspect to my blog this week. My Top Picks for each Campaign... With every new Brochure that comes out, I will pick up to 5 of the BEST DEALS in the book that I think my customers will love as much as me.

When on a budget, sometimes we skim through the book and only look at the items that are "marked to clear" and we can miss out on some of the other really good specials.

I know from looking at these books day in, day out that some items that take up a whole page and LOOK expensive actually aren't at all.

They may have a buy one and get the other free or half price and in some cases, they have a "buy all 5 items for $30.00" sale

These offer you the BEST deals as they often save you over $120.00.

Below are some of the "Top Picks" for this Campaign...

Above: Pomegranate & Chocolate Footworks (yum) Save a massive $15.00 when you buy all 3 items. See what I mean when I say you can save a bundle? To buy all 3 of these at the regular price will cost you $32.95 BUT in this campaign you can pick them up for $17.95 - What an offer. If you'd like to purchase, just head over to my website and order online at Mishelle's Avon Team

This is another amazing offer in this Campaign... These creams are usually quite pricey (although still cheap compared to other brands) BUT you can pick up both of them for just $50.00 - This means you save $60.00... How can you resist???

Again, another awesome offer... These stunning lippies usually sell for $20.00 each but for this Campaign, not only can you pick them up for only $10.00 BUT you also get a FREE copy of Prevention magazine.

At these prices, you can pick up one in each colour... I actually have quite a few customers that wait for these great specials and then buy up big and use the items as gifts for friends and family!

How good is this deal? All 5 items for $30.00. The pack itself is worth over $105.00 - thats's a saving of $75.00 on this fab lot of products. Plus you get the benefit of using Mineral Makeup. For a flawless, natural look I highly recommend this lot!

Now this is my fave special of the book - Get all 3 items for $40.00 and save $72.95 PLUS get a free issue of Prevention Magazine... Click Here to order any of the specials above!


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