Friday, June 3, 2011

Avon CRM - Amazing Customer Management Software...

I thought I would share with you an amazing little piece of Software I bought when I started my Avon business. It's called Avon CRM. You can download a free trial to learn how to use it and everything.

After the trial period is over, you do have to purchase it but, if you are a serious Avon rep wanting to make the cash, I seriously recommend using this software.

It's funny cause it's not made by Avon but it actually logs you into your account, you can download the current brochure so when you type in a product code, the description AND price automatically fill in!

I'm currently trying to figure out why I can't paste a screen shot of the software on Blogger :(

Anyone who is currently an Avon rep relying on handwritten records of customers and order you NEED to check this software out.

Download your free trial (you can email me for any help along the way, I swear I have become an expert with this program)

One quick question? Would you mind using my referral code when you sign up for the trial???

It's Mishelle1479


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