Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back from break!

Hi everyone, I'm back.

I had a lovely little holiday (it was only for 3 days) but geez it was nice. In the time I was gone I have received LOTS of emails asking about the AVON Smooth Minerals range, and with good reason. It has been plastered all over the tv and internet in what can only be described as a HUGE marketing campaign on Avon's behalf.

Whats more is that I have also noticed an increase in advertising for Nude by Nature minerals.

Before I started selling AVON, I used to use Nude by Nature and it was a good product, no question. The only difference in the Nude and Avon minerals is literally the price tag.

A little research the other day on my part (ok, I was playing spy) where I called Nude by Nature to enquire about a "special 16 day trial" I saw on tele.

The guy told me (after the 16 day trial ends and I decide to keep the product) my credit card would be charged a whopping $219.00aud. And this was supposed to be a special "viewers" price... Hmmm.

I sat down and went through the products to see how it matched up to Avon. Not well I must say.


And this was going to cost me almost $220.00?

Ordering carefully through an Avon brochure through me, you could pick all this up for about $50.00.

Well, you get the point. Here are some of beautiful mineral products from Avon.


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