Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Makeup

So you're in the process of planning you big day, right? Have you given any thought yet to how much money you have spent so far?

If you're anything like me, you want to spend a whole heap of money to have the wedding of your dreams right? Well, be careful. You may end up regretting some parts (or all) of the day!

I wanted the typical fairytale wedding... my family is italian so you can imagine some of the weddings I have been to for my cousins and so on.

I started planning my wedding, not with me and hubby in mind, but the rest of my family. Now, I'm not a religious person yet, I held my wedding in the biggest catholic cathedral in Melbourne. Weird huh?

We ended up spending soooo much money on that, that we ended up having to borrow money from my dad. (yep, I said borrow) apparently my parents didn't follow the tradition of the Brides parents paying for the wedding (or for anything, really) Hmmm. I think I may be adopted.

Anyhoo - By the time we got down to the little things like hair and makeup, I didn't want to spend a fortune. So, I decided to do my makup myself.

I guess you could say it was pure luck that I was a seasoned Avon rep then? Perhaps.

Avon had just released their Mineral Makeup range so that was PERFECT!

Buying your wedding day makeup through AVON is probably the best money you'll spend through out this crazy time called wedding planning! The coverage is equal to brands that cater for television and catwalk (no joke) and the colours rival that of Napoleon, MAC & Inglot.

Have a squiz at my Avon website which is sure to get you Wedding ready in no time. Don't forget to join me on my Facebook page to be kept up to date of new Brochures, sales and special offers ONLY available to my Facebook peeps!

Some of the mineral products I use are listed below...

Above you will find the beautiful Mineral Blush from Avon. It glides on so effortlessly. I swear, you would NEVER believe it was an Avon product. Oh how far Avon have come. I love being a rep SOOO much <3

Some of the different colour Blushes and Eyeshadows. These are great because they go on so light but they are what we call "Buildable colour" the more dramatic you want to look, the more you add and blend!

This would have to be my fave. For the last 10 or so years, I only wore Napoleon or MAC because the coverage it gave was like what you'd see on TV stars (completely flawless) When I first started selling AVON, I was reluctant to use the products because I thought it wasn't quite as good as Napoleon or MAC makeup because of the price difference. (the napoleon powder I used was Camera Finish and it cost me $75.00aud - This gives the same, if not better finish and I paid $23.00aud. Now tell me which you'd prefer? Oh, and AVON offer to give you your money back if you don't like to product - I don't see Napoleon or MAC doing that.

I just thought I'd post this to help you get some ideas on how to apply your new Mineral makup that you buy from me! :)

I personally have not used this foundation as I am IN LOVE with just using my pressed Mineral powder (above)

Are you the type of person who HAS to use lip liner? Well, so was I until I tried this. Seriously. You could not catch me without a nice sharp line around my mouth being filled in with gorgeous gloss or a matt finish lippy! It didn't matter what type of lip colour I wore, it HAD to have lip liner. Guess what? I don't have to anymore. This stuff is AMAZING!

Now, if you like the stripper look with fake lashes and TONS of tackly looking makup then this product is NOT for you. If you want clean, classy (and healthy) lashes then I suggest giving this stuff a go. I have sensitive eyes and this mascara doesn't make my eyes water AT ALL...


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