Sunday, July 17, 2011

Calling all Housewives

I can't believe it... Seriously, I thought I was one of the remaining few women in the world who actually ENJOYED being labelled a "housewife"

For some reason, over the years it has become almost frowed upon to stay home with the kiddies (or even if you don't have kids) to look after the house. Pfft....

I can recall a time, in the not so distant past where I was working full time as a Property Consultant for a company called Symbion Health in Melbourne's CBD.

It was a great job and I loved going to work every day. However, it was when I got home around 6.30pm each day that things got a little hairy. Hubby (aka: da ferret, idiot or ass) felt he could rest and relax when his highness returned home from a busy day at work but I somehow had to cook dinner, clean up after dinner and do the washing when I got home.

Hmmm. Slightly unjust, no?

Anyway, There was a period of time when I left my job and {very slowly} started looking for another one. It took 4 months for me to find another job as I realised that I wanted to be a housewife.

It was great. I could get up in the morning, at usually the same time as when I was working in the city, and I could clean the house, do the washing, run errands, pay bills, focus on fertility treatments, cook dinner and then RELAX on the couch with ass, I mean idiot, I mean hubby (oops) and know that everything was done for the day!

Not long after my revelation, hubby asked that I go back to work to "contribute" to the household... Again, Pfft....

I told him that the only way I was going back to full time work was if he would contribute 50% of all household chores to which he replied "I already do 50% of the housework. (seriously, he had done the dinner dishes MAYBE twice in the last month)

According to that logic I'm able to just click my heels and the house is clean. And better yet, it must stay clean with no further effort for the rest of the week. Bah!

Against my will, I went back to work and lo and behold... I was still doing all the housework, cooking and errands between my 10 hour day at the office.

When we finally got pregnant with Scarlett I knew our lives were about to change for the better... I'd have my beautiful little baby I had been dreaming about every since we lost our first pregnancy almost 8 years ago.

8 months in and I was able to officially take maternity leave. YES! 6 whole weeks off says hubby... He made it sound like a holiday. I however, felt it was 6 more weeks of feeling like a whale, peeing every 2 seconds, swollen feet to the point of not being able to walk and, hang on, I can't even see my feet anymore, how do I know they're swollen? Oh yes, the throbbing pain I get whenever I move. Holiday? I think not.

Well the day finally came for us to meet our little Scarlett bear, and she was perfect, and we were perfect and everything in the world was perfect!

{just after she was born by emergency cesarean}
 Daddy & me when I was just 1 hr old
 Me and my mummy who loves me SOOOOO much
Hmmm, 24 hours old and I'm starting to de-wrinkle

And at that moment, I became a housewife AND mother all in the one day. This was definitely the most amazing day of my life. 

So, how do YOU feel about being a housewife? Do you like it, deny it or embrace it? I'd love to hear from everyone with their own story below!


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