Monday, July 18, 2011

Does it ever end?

Well, Scarlett has decided she wont attend Day Care unless Emily is working. Scarlett literally attaches herself to Emily's leg in the morning and wont let go until I pick her up.

Has anyone else encountered this with their child? I know Scarlett has always been very clingy to me, but I thought that once she started Day Care she might start playing with other kids... At the moment, there is really only 1 other kids that she will actually play with and that is my life long friends son, Bowie.

I'm at the point of taking her out of care because it really isn't helping her develop social skills the way I had hoped. See, if she's not with Emily, then it's home we go! We tried taking her last week and when she realised Emily was on annual leave, she sobbed and asked to come home with me.

There was just no way I could leave her in that state...

Does anyone have any tips that they used for their kids to get them used to being in care? (she is only going 1 day a week at the moment)


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