Thursday, August 11, 2011

AVON baby

Finally, Avon have responded to the needs of woman all over the world and are setting about to release the company's first Baby range. Introducing... Avon baby...

Avon baby is Dye & Paraben free. Perfect for the sweet, sensitive skin of your little munchkin... I know I have been waiting for this for a LONG time. And I have to say, being an Avon rep in Australia has it's ,benefits... Avon Baby is not available here until Campaign 17, 2011 but, I have been lucky enough to receive a Demo of the Moisturiser with samples for all my lovely customers.

Last night, I tried it for the first time on my little Scarlett... The scent is so fresh and natural and Scarlett LOVED helping rub it in.  This morning, she asks 'mummy, can i have more moistiser'? (yes, she says moistiser...)

The fact that it is designed by mothers, approved by pediatritians and is free from dyes and parabens is all I need... I'll never use a supermarket product on my precious bub again...!
So, why not order a FREE sample from me??? I have a bunch to give away to anyone that wants it!
*1 per customer with a $1.00 postage fee

Simply visit my website and order a sample today and see why this new product from Avon is going to be a HUGE hit!


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