Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Clearskin Professional: A review

I have been meaning to try this product out for months, every time I saw it in my Avon Brochure and when I saw it on special for $40.00 for the set of 3, I had no reserves about buying it.

Avon keep printing how it is comparable to Proactiv Solutions TM so I thought there was nothing to lose.

I am 31 years old but still have the skin of a 20 year old (not nearly as glam as it sounds) I have the fine lines of a 31 yr old but the breakouts like a 20 year old... Hmmm definitely DID NOT get the best of both worlds. (more like the worst)

So, with this new product in hand, I started my regimen. It says to start out once a day and gradually work up to 3 times a day... Lets see how I go.

After about 3 days of using (once a day) I got a HUGE blind pimple on my cheek. But, just as the directions say, I keep applying this treatment to help get rid of current spots and to help prevent new ones forming.

About a week later, blind pimple is now size of Hawaii. Not very happy indeed. I keep using only one a day as my skin feels a little tight after using.

Ok, 3 weeks later and the blind pimple is STILL there. Not only that, it is red and sore. I don't actually know if it is related to the Clearskin Professional I'm using but I have never had a pimple last this long and get this sore.

Current day: I still have the blemish on my face, and have had a few little white dots appear even while using Clearskin Professional. Having said that, I do miss some days and on the days that I do use it, it is only once in the day (or night, whenever I can be bothered)

All in all, when I do use it correctly, it does stop most new breakouts forming which I guess it what you mostly look for. I really do think it was just bad timing for that horrible blindy I still have. Perhaps I will run another trial of Clearskin Professional when it clears off for good.

Other than that, I really do enjoy using the product and I will definitely keep buying it (especially when Avon give it away at $40.00 for the set)


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